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The Lost Intent


so many things seem filled with the intent / to be lost

~Elizabeth Bishop "One Art"

Poetry is lost, is losing, or so they (or some subset of they) keep saying. I say, go with it. What else is poetry but the art of losing, as Bishop would say?  Or maybe I'm bending her words to fit my purposes.  And yet, isn't that another of poetry's many downfalls: the tendency of readers towards incorrect interpretation? Once again, I say go with it.  

Interpret this site, its title, as an intention that is lost.  The best poems probably lose their original intent through the process of being written. Or interpret this site as an intention to become lost (as Bishop actually wrote).  That is also what the best poems do: goad the reader and the writer into losing themselves in their uninterpretable, unreasonable nature.


This site may also lose its original intent, but it will surely still be somehow both poetic and lost. 

This is me, one Andrea L. Hackbarth, throwing some poet side-eye (but never poet voice), in imitation of Virginia Woolf (as shown in the photo on my desk above), who, though not exactly a poet, was a master of poet side-eye. I'll likely never ascend to her level of writerly genius, so I'll have to settle for attaining her level of side-eye perfection.

Other things you may wish

to know about me: 

  • Location:

    • Palmer, Alaska​

  • Occupation(s): 

    • Piano Technician​

    • Writing Tutor

    • Reading Teacher

  • Education:

    • M.F.A. Creative Writing and Literary Arts, University of Alaska Anchorage

    • M.A. Education, Prescott College

    • B.A. English, Lawrence University​


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